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Antti Keistinen

My Companies: Abri Oy and Chemfy Oy
CV: download

I am a computer nerd who spends all his life sitting in front of a computer. I love everything about computers and especially programming. I spend most of my time working on personal projects for my companies. Every once in a while I look for freelance work in order to supplement my income. An engineer at heart, so results reflect this in their beauty. Currently going to University to get a degree. I started September 2017 at University of Oulu to complete a degree in Information Processing Science. I will complete Bachelors by June 2018 and will continue with Masters which is scheduled to be completed March 2019.



Java, C, C++, PHP, HTML, Python, R, SQL


OS: Linux, Windows, Android, MS-DOS
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4, jMonkeyEngine
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
VM systems: Proxmox, unRAID, Docker
Web services: Lighttpd, Apache
Other: BitBucket, Jira, JetBrains IDE


"Computers", Dell R710, Raspberry PI, Arduino

Other Skills

UML, Software development / engineering / design / architecture
Requirement engineering, UI design, Usability evaluation
Testing, Scrum, DevOps, Full-Stack


Here are main focuses around different times, but other things did happen during those times also.


Start End Focus
September 2018 March 2019 Masters in Information Processing Science, University of Oulu
June 2018 August 2018 Available for work
January 2017 May 2018 Bachelors in Information Processing Science, University of Oulu
May 2014 December 2016 Unreal Engine 4 (C++)
2013 April 2014 jMonkeyEngine (Java)
2011 2013 Android Development (Java)
2008 2010 Runescape Bots (Java)
2007 2008 SDL Game dev (C++)
January 2007 December 2007 Military Service
2005 2007 PHP, HTML, MySQL and Linux Sysadmin duties
1997 2004 HTML, Pascal, DarkBASIC, C, C++
Example Work:

Example code

Download: Fuksipassi

Fuksipassi is an Android Application that I created for our Universities UI programming course. It is designed to replace Fuksipassi, which is a paper freshmen use to collect points when they participate in events held by different student groups.

GitHub / Bitbucket account

I haven't got a public GitHub / Bitbucket account to share since I use a self hosted Bitbucket server for my Git needs. This is because recently I have worked with Unreal Engine 4 projects that require Git LFS to handle large binary files and it is cheapest to self host for the space.


Pretty much everything related to computers.

  • Homelabbing, using 4x Raspberry Pi, 1x TinkerBoard and 1x Dell R710, Network Topology
  • Programming
  • Internet of Things, currently playing around with esp32 and lots of ideas
  • Gaming
  • Running & Bodyweight & Nordic walking
  • Improvisational theatre
  • Magic the Gathering